181-We Get Wet With Ian Again, And Dave Is On Borrowed Time

Episode 181-Well done whole milk

You know what they say: “Life comes at you fast, but food poisoning comes at you even faster”. Yeah, we all remember that classic, right? Sorry for having to cut the episode short, but we’re absolutely certain that you wouldn’t want to watch what happened after the cameras turned off, and we’d FOR SURE get banned from YouTube for it, scar all of you for life, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Even though this was a truncated episode thanks to Dave’s body rejecting leftover pizza like a bad kidney transplant, we still managed to get some good thoughts out. The main piece being Ian’s most recent shower thoughts and profanity-laden text messages from his friends.

We’ll be back at you with a regular program next week, as long as our hosts stay away from mysterious fridge food. We love you.

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