184-Dave Sees A Landau, Ian Sees A Paradox, And We Love A Brown Limo

Episode 184-We did not see that coming.

You know, sometimes you think you’ve got someone all figured out. You’ve taken in the evidence, judged that book by its cover and then…WHAM! Out of nowhere, a new piece of the puzzle shows up and it DOES NOT look anything like the rest of the puzzle, causing your mind to fold in on itself over and over until you’re reduced to thinking a Dodge Journey is a good car.

That’s what Ian’s brought to the blanket for this week. A paradox. A conundrum. A quandary. Dave? What did he bring? Well for starters, he brought his usual unrelenting gingerness as per the usual, but also a discussion topic about non-soft soft-tops, aka Landau Tops.

Come along with us this week as we embark on this strange journey. You’ll almost be glad you did.

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