186-TeamClearCoat Walks The Show Floor At The 2019 Denver Auto Show

Episode 186-Officially Unofficial

We have no idea why we keep getting asked back to the press day at the Denver Auto Show, but we’re not going to look a gift Prius in the grille. Come along with us as we take a walking tour of the show floor, a few bio breaks, and discuss the conundrum that is a regional auto show.

Follow along our weird directions, head “Dave North” from the entrance, and keep us in your pocket and in your ear holes as you wait for toddlers to get out of a Lexus LS500 so that you can get some freaking peace and quiet for once.

We enjoy doing this and just like everything else we do, we’re promising to do it better next time. Sorry for the overzealous noise-reduction and compression, there were a lot of vacuum cleaners. We love you, enjoy!

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