2019 Colorado Winter Driving Encounter – Presented by The TeamClearCoat Podcast

We had the fantastic opportunity to participate in the 2019 Colorado Winter Driving Encounter, a performance driving event at Winter Park and Georgetown Colorado. During this event we were able to test the performance of several vehicles on packed snow and even the frozen surface of Georgetown Lake. This video is a compilation of the cars we were able to experience during this event; they are:
Acura RDX
Buick Envision
Dodge Challenger GT AWD
Honda Passport
Jeep Wrangler Sahara
Mercedes-Benz C300
Mercedes-Benz GLE450
Toyota RAV4 Adventure

Special thanks to all of the manufactures mentioned above as well as Rocky Mountain Redline for hosting the event and extending an invite to us.

The video was shot and provided by Nathan Leach-Proffer, be sure to check out his fantastic site at https://ift.tt/18Hj9cM
Dave Severenuk with the TeamClearCoat Podcast edited this video https://ift.tt/2EJkoB0
The music is by Chasms, the track title is Dark Matter. Check out their channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/feltesounds/videos

Be sure to check out episode 180 of the TeamClearCoat Podcast to hear all about our time at this event: https://youtu.be/7284Rsuu2tM

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