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One of two things probably led you to this page. Either you’re new to our little corner of the automotive Internet, or you genuinely like spending time with us two idiots every week. If it’s the former, welcome and thank you! If it’s the latter, well, we’re not sure what to tell you, sorry.

Dave and Ian are two friends podcasting about car culture and their own attempts at modifying, racing, and fixing things they probably broke in the first place. We try to dig into how cars and the larger culture interact, the future of automobiles, and probably some poop jokes. Our podcast episodes will post automagically to this website (assuming we haven’t already broken something), but if staying on one website isn’t your thing, fear not! We have spread our trademark incompetence all over the Internet, and you can find us at the links at the bottom of this page. Thank you/sorry.


Wait. Does fiberglass make your fingers itchy?

Dave is a life-long car enthusiast. He grew up driving pickup trucks in Missouri, like one does, and later moved to the land of the Subarus: Denver, Colorado. As a child he once saw an AMC Eagle wagon and from that moment on, he knew cars were a THING and they demanded his attention. It’s your classic “boy-sees-brown-wagon-with-wood-grain” story like we’ve all come to know and love.  

Being a former SAAB driver, he still has two non-running ones in his yard. One of those SAABs is his first truly fun car, a 1997 SAAB 900 SE Turbo affectionately known as Dusty Rusty. Dusty provided Dave with millions of smiles, billions of pounds of boost, and a lifetime supply of bloody knuckles. Dusty burned bright, producing almost 300 hilarious and ill-advised horsepower (Saab is Swedish for “torque steer”), but was retired from his daily driving duties after keeping Dave and his beloved passenger safe as they were rear-ended while sitting at a stoplight. Thankfully everyone was okay, save for Dusty, but he boosts on in our hearts, minds, toolboxes, and bank accounts. 

Currently, Dave is embracing his inner-old man and daily driving a fantastic Infiniti M45 Sport sedan. With a bike rack of course, because you can take the ginger out of the Saab, but wait…never mind. Bike rack.Thought I had something for that. Anyway, you can often find Dave riding bicycles, yelling at kids to get off of his lawn, or stuck in Denver’s insanely bad traffic. 

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Peak excitement.

Ian is the shorter, grumpier half of TeamClearCoat. He lives in Denver with his wife and car-obsessed toddler. He also has two overweight tabbys named Ron and Charlie, one of which is lucky he hasn’t been made into a hat yet (it’s Charlie). The other members of the household are a 2004 Volkswagen R32 and a 2008 Saab TurboX wagon. Not at all coincidentally, Denver area mechanics have reported the last few years have been “a bonanza” and “my kids are going to Harvard!”

The way to Ian’s heart are go karting gift certificates, whiskey and vinyl (the audio recording kind, not the pants kind). He’s also trying to earn a reputation as an amateur racer who doesn’t get into trouble, but probably won’t get on the podium either. Available all season!

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We are not the fastest cars at the track.

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