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The two idiots in written format.

Spy Shots: What IF(-Pace)?

Well it finally happened, everyone: your two neighborhood idiots finally stumbled into an automotive news story…maybe. Living in Colorado, we see our fair share of test vehicles rolling around. Most of the time, we see camouflaged cars headed to the mountains for altitude testing, and they’re ones lots of other outlets have seen first. Something about this Jag we saw… Read more →

2020 Kia Telluride: Reclaiming The Word Compromise

We’re trying something different for our latest video review: what if the opinions of two reviewers weren’t framed as a competition? Car reviews have always been almost adversarial – there’s always a ranking or an argument or at the very least, a winner. Don’t get us wrong, it’s entertaining! But when you think about it, the absolute terms of a… Read more →

The 2018 Subaru BRZ tS Is Just Silly Enough

If there’s one thing we enthusiasts would do well to remember, it’s that our hobby is, well, very silly. Spending good time and money to make your car marginally faster/taller/louder/better looking/lower is an objectively silly pursuit. Manufacturers, too, can forget that this is all supposed to be fun, especially when they come out with a performance variant of a car.… Read more →

I highly recommend: 1. Arranging your work day so you can do conference calls and lunch in between races at your local karting track. 2. Doing this often enough that the employees like you (read: take pity on you) enough to pull their best kart for you to try. You might end up smashing your personal best and cracking the top ten times ever on, like, a random Wednesday. #gokart #karting #twoidiots #racing #ImSweatyNow

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