Author: TeamClearCoat

Spy Shots: What IF(-Pace)?

Well it finally happened, everyone: your two neighborhood idiots finally stumbled into an automotive news story…maybe. Living in Colorado, we see our fair share of test vehicles rolling around. Most of the time, we see camouflaged cars headed to the mountains for altitude testing, and they’re ones lots of other outlets have seen first. Something about this Jag we saw… Read more →

2020 Kia Telluride: Reclaiming The Word Compromise

We’re trying something different for our latest video review: what if the opinions of two reviewers weren’t framed as a competition? Car reviews have always been almost adversarial – there’s always a ranking or an argument or at the very least, a winner. Don’t get us wrong, it’s entertaining! But when you think about it, the absolute terms of a… Read more →

228-Getting Damp With Dave Question Mark?

It looks like Ian is not the only one that stands in the shower, silently thinking thoughts, it turns out our token Ginger does as well. In this week’s episode we get Damp with Dave as he reflects on the internet’s reaction to someone else’s experience with his favorite musician of all time. Come get damp with us, but not… Read more →

227-Getting Wet With Ian Again

Well, it looks like the Wall Street Journal beat us to the “Ghosn, baby Ghosn” joke. Go figure that their writers, far more talented than us, landed on a homophone-based headline WAY before we did. Since the WSJ stole our joke thunder, we’ll just leave it at that. We start this episode with one of our favorite segments, “Getting Wet… Read more →

226-Photon? How about No-Ton?

Your two car-loving podcast hosts are a bit ragged this week, world-weary from their respective travels and longing for a bit of peace in the blanket fort to restore their constitution. Thankfully they didn’t have to do much to prepare for the show, as all of you goofball listeners kept a steady stream of content pouring in over the holidays.… Read more →

224-Holiday Gaming With Apex Adjacent

Ah the holidays. What better way to pass the time with your family than by ignoring them and playing some video games? Or at least watching us play some video games. In this episode we play and talk about some of our favorite car or car-ish games. You’re going to see Trackmania Turbo, Thumper, Rocket League, and American Truck Simulator.… Read more →