Flying from Aspen, CO to Denver, CO in a Beechcraft King Air 350

In September 2017, Dave had the honor of being able to fly from Denver to Aspen and back on a small aircraft, and took video. Obviously this isn’t our normal car-related tomfoolery, but fun nonetheless!

Taking off from the Aspen airport and landing at the Centennial Airport near Denver Colorado. This camera (Yi 4k recording at 1080p/30fps) was mounted on the right-hand side of the plane, so you’re looking to the south during the majority of the trip. We flew at around 20,000 feet, so you’re only 6,000 or so feet away from the mountain tops.

***Note*** there is no audio, just pull up some of your favorite music or a white noise app, fullscreen this mammer jammer and enjoy the ride!

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