The TeamClearCoat Podcast – Episode 116 – Turkey is a Garbage Meat

Full Title:
Dave Is Thankful For Botching Repairs, Ian Is Thankful For Wooden Bowls, And We Figure Out How To Share Our Shameful Bits, Thankfully.

We waddle right out of the gate by catching the proverbial drippings of Fiats in an instantaneous round of FMKCars. Given that food and cars are inseparable, at least on our show, a Thanksgiving discussion fits in as well as any of our other goofy topics, so come along as we discuss the worst way to eat potatoes (regular and sweet swirl), the best leftovers (pocket sandwiches), and the best way to enjoy the holiday or really any other day of the week (copious amounts of wine).

Dave learned that he needs to be thankful for his self-inflicted repair wounds, which by their nature cut much deeper than anything anyone else could ever do to your car. Given the wooziness from bleeding out, Dave comes to accept the fact that sometimes in order to go one block west you need to go east until you circle the globe. Also, it turns out that hammers DO solve everything, so we guess Clarkson was right about something. Not alone in having gratitude, Ian received a gift this week as well, which means that we all get the gift of a hungry angel sent from above to pilot an old RAV4, causing our lives to never be the same. The gift folds in on itself and gifts us a gift in another way, an added silent, unspoken kicker to all future FMKCars.

On a more serious note, at least as serious as we could get, we talk about the medias social, the platforms for which we send our bits to one another. Given that these platforms are now offering to look at our gross bodies for us, we try and figure out how to map that shame into automotive purposes. Happy Thanksgiving everybody, we love you, and not in a gross way.

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