The TeamClearCoat Podcast – Episode 125 – Waxwings

Full title:
125-Dave And Ian Surprise Each Other And We Fly Too Close To The Parts Desk On Wings Of Wax. And Fuses.

Description: Kids Icarus
In the psychological realm the term projection is used to describe a scenario in which you interpret someone’s emotions or actions in a way that describes something that you are truly feeling yourself. In this week’s show, we blatantly use a random Audi vanity plate as inspiration for a new automotive term. Are we correct? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean the outcome is at least entertaining.

We also learn a bit more about our hosts this week, Dave’s collegiate transcript sheds a bit of light on why he is where he is in his life. Some light gets shed on Ian as well, specifically what he thinks about in the shower (but not, you know, in a gross way), in the first of a new segment that we’re er…one of us is calling Getting Wet With Ian.

Lastly, we paint a picture as two sides of a Venn diagram slowly move apart, we use Ian’s Saab TurboX Wagon as an allegory for American politics. Don’t worry, Ian describes it in a way that Dave almost understands, so you should be fine.

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