The TeamClearCoat Podcast – Episode 126 – Alanis King – Staff Writer At Jalopnik

Episode description:
Let’s have a construction discussion. Well, we did, and we do, and we need to continue to do so. Similar to seeing an entertainment center for what it is, a composition of bolts, wood, and glue, we see the automotive landscape for what it is. People, cars, personalities, unity as well as its fair share of issues. These are the pieces we get to use when building our community.

Our guest, Alanis King, has a unique and crucial view of the building blocks of the automotive enthusiast community and the community at large. In this episode we discuss good things like her perspective, as well as the things that we as enthusiasts need to change and speak out against.

Thank you Alanis, we really appreciate you coming on our show to discuss everything. You’re welcome back any time! Follow her on twitter at and read all of her articles at and

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