The TeamClearCoat Podcast – Episode 129 – Teasing Ian Pt. 2

Full Title:
129-Ian Chokes Dave, But Not Like In A Hot Way Or Anything, And Dave Contextualizes Ian’s Car, But Not Like In A Hot Way Or Anything.

Urus. If you make it to the end of the show, you’ll probably never hear the name of the weird Lamborghini SUV without it being coupled by a spine-tingling shiver and part of your soul (if you have one…Dave) giving up and leaving.

So yeah, besides spoiling Lambo names, Ian makes Dave say uncle. And by uncle, we mean what Mr. Old Man Infiniti Sedan really thinks of Ian’s Boy Racer, Class Skipping, Bird Flipping, Track-honed R32. Go figure, he wound up blathering on and on about bicycles. Sheesh. You can take the ginger out of the sedan, but you can’t take the old man out of the…wait, there’s no good way for that to sound in the end.

Anyway, lessons learned in this episode? Sure. Context. Context is an important part of our love of cars, and context is the thing that keeps you clinging on to a nerve-racking track car as well as being able to enjoy a large barge rental car. Context.

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