The TeamClearCoat Podcast – Episode 178 – Dave Gets A Visitor…

Full Title:
178-Dave Takes His Turn In The Shower, Ian Gets Mad At Jeremy, And Someone Leaves Dave A Candy Treat

Do you need your toothbrush to tweet? For the love of dog, NO. That said, the Internet of Sh*t comes in handy every now and again, especially when you need to figure out why the h*ck there’s melted chocolate all over the door to your house.

Speaking of technology, Dave takes a turn in expressing his moist-yet-half-baked thoughts in the first installment of Getting Wet With Dave. We discuss progress and division, which the conversation in itself progresses nicely when Ian brings the humidity to a full 100 percent and makes it rain nostalgia.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to look back and reminisce about how things used to be, but we can’t insist that the way things used to be are the way they NEED to be now and in the future.

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