The TeamClearCoat Podcast – Episode 189 – Lots of Windshield Time

Full Title: 189-Ian Finds Record Store Bliss, Dave Sees An R32, And We Find The Perfect Two Car Garage

Our resident Ginger has been out and about on the roads of Colorado and before doing so he solicited the advice of our resident vinyl junkie to get some advice. There’s something special about queuing up one specific album in preparation for a drive. The duality of cars and songs run deep. DEEEEEEP.

What else? JDM Nissan GT-R 32s are TINY cars, Dave has a close call, and we talk about some videos that we’ve published lately.

And to foreshadow something we’ll certainly revisit, we happen to stumble upon perhaps the most perfect two-car garage ever, and it won’t break the bank. There’s your clickbait right there. We love you.

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