The TeamClearCoat Podcast – Episode 196 – But Why The Horse?

Full Title: 196-Ian Beams In To The Blanket Fort So That We Can Lose Our Minds Over A Vanity Plate

Much like Ian’s over-inflated rental car tires, we pump as much hot air into this episode as we can, but beware, tick tock, Ian’s tummy has different ideas of how this evening should proceed. What is it about our show that somehow impacts people’s digestive systems? If it was the listener’s stomachs, fine, whatever, not our problem. But since something seems to be happening with the hosts…we’re gonna keep our eyes on it.

That said, this episode is a bit short due to Ian destroying his hotel bathroom, but you go to battle with the soldiers you have. There is some gold in them here hills however, and I don’t know if it was the flop sweat or the nausea, but Ian absolutely loses his mind over a vanity plate that a listener sent us.

Last bit of info for all the folks that travel frequently, maybe you might want to start packing a tire gauge. As always, thanks for listening and apologies for how brief this is. Thank you, sorry!

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