The TeamClearCoat Podcast – Episode 204 – Ian Runs The Blanket Fort!

First off, let’s start this episode’s description with an apology. We should probably start every episode off that way, but it’s really more implied at this point. Dave had a crazy work schedule and actually fell asleep before remembering to post it. Ooooof.

Okay, what’s going on here? The tables are turned this week, and due to Dave messing up his schedule he had to hand they keys to the ship over to Ian. We’re sure he’ll use his newfound power of podcast engineering with great respect and responsibility. What’s that you say? He blasted a rap air horn for 60 minutes straight? Oh boy.

You know, this week we learned some lessons. Dave did at least, in what it’s like to give up control, what Ian does when he’s given free reign, and to keep better track of his freaking schedule, that’s for sure. We love you.

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