The TeamClearCoat Podcast – Episode 212 – RMDE and Remembering Tanner

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212-Ian Preaches The Gospel Of Burnouts, Dave Likes A BMW, And We Continue Our Discussion About RMDE 2019

In this episode Ian once again beams in to the blanket fort for our usual discussion. This time we’re treated to envisioning Ian as the prophet that he is, traveling the land and preaching the good word of burnouts to the masses. It’s difficult work, but someone has to do it.

Lastly, we end the episode on a somber note as we discuss another loss that we’ve had in the automotive community, our friend Tanner Bell. We met Tanner at a SCCA track night at High Plains Raceway and he was always had a great big smile every time we interacted with him after that. We’re really thankful to have shared some time and witnessed your happiness, and we’re honored to have met your wife Natalie and your son Jenson. If anyone reading this is able to help, please head over to Natalie and Jenson’s GoFundMe page here:

RIP Tanner, even though we very briefly knew you, your positive spirit left an impact on us.