107-Dave Figures Out The Subaru Facelift Strategy, Ian Has Rogue Rage, And We Scorch Our Down Parts

Episode 107-Rage Against the Rogchine

This hobby of ours is sometimes an emotional rollercoaster, and on this week’s show we explore all the ups and downs.

The lows of a Range Rover owner searching for his mechanic in the mountains give way to the highs of driving your newly-working-again car. But then you are forced to drive a Nissan Rogue Sport, and only a blast in an unexpected hot hatch can pull you back up.

And while there’s nothing better than the high of developing a muscle memory in a car you love, there are low times too. Sometimes we’re reminded that every now and then that the automotive enthusiast community and the world as a whole loses someone valuable that made a positive impact on everyone he met. Rest in peace Jeremy, you made every day that we crossed paths brighter.

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