115-Ian Wins Parenting, Dave Gets Mad At Weeds, And We Have A Car Show

Episode 115-Whooooooo!

Ian, the longshot, defeats all odds and wins at parenting but…but he ends up putting a ring on Clippy, so yeah, there’s some ups and downs this week.

In our continuing segment that shall be known as “Dave Gets Mad About Stuff”, Dave gets mad that people don’t share a basic understanding of Newtonian physics when it comes to wooden-mist ghost-plants. Ian doubles down on his declaration that turkey is a garbage meat, which kicks off a holiday-inspired round of FMKCars in which your humble idiotic host duo fall in love with the boxy corners of an Uno.

Along the way through our tumbleweed-filled fields, we traverse the treacherous landscape of an IT nightmare. The Trojan horse to this dystopian scenario? A humble Acura RLX; pleated khakis standard. As we click past a tab that reads “Ginger error code: 404 soul not found”, Clippy lies in wait, ready to integrate with all of your automotive technical desires.

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