122-Ian Apologizes, Dave Leases His Life, And We Contemplate Enabling Poor Life Choices

Episode 122-Turns out Dave isn’t the worst…

Ian stared into the abyss, and you know what looked back? A critical and certainly missed rest stop in his rear view mirror. Dave stepped to the precipice as well, and a peak plastic-era Chrysler stared RIGHT back at him through its dull headlight lenses and straight into the space where his soul should normally go.

Despite the Herzogian observations, the overall spirit in the blanket fort is high. Dave discusses offering his life as a service while Ian has reveals his discovery of the right time and place to have a truly behemoth vehicle at your disposal.

We also stumble upon a conundrum; how do you present yourself to a fellow automotive enthusiast when you’re at the helm of a vehicle that does not communicate said fellowship? Once again, we may not have answers, but we certainly have fun talking about it.

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