123-Dave Taps Out Of The Grand Tour, Ian Figures Out The BEST Autonomous Car Uses, And We Discuss The Clarkson Problem

Episode 123-Stickers and self-loathing

What can we be doing as automotive enthusiasts to make our community more accessible? Unfortunately, there is no shortage of answers and on this episode we talk about things we’d like to hear less of and things we’d like to hear more of.

On the lighter side, if you’re in Denver on January 14th, you should meet us at Unser Karting to see if you’re faster than a podcast. Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t, but either way, we’ll have a blast and have stickers to give away.

The most important thing is that we as an automotive enthusiast community and as people in general, that we strive to do better. Whether it be our karting lap times, being #SmarterThanIan, or by being more inclusive and welcoming in our community, the absolute most important thing is that we keep making the effort to improve.

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