124-Ian Wants To Go Karting, Dave Wants To Go Karting, And We Discuss Ian’s Automotive Predicament

Episode 124-Ford STs and soap for men.

People far smarter than us often exclaim that history is doomed to repeat itself unless we learn from it. What can we learn from our cars? Perhaps that like socks, they’re best changed often. Sticking to the same pair for years could only end in disappointment and shattered emotions?

Let’s pick up the pieces and duct tape them back together. Remember in life that it’s most important to understand and empathize instead of criticize.

We make a bit of a hasty departure in this episode because we’re on our way to Unser for our first ever TeamClearCoat Karting Meetup! Hopefully people on the internet don’t try to murder us when we meet them in ahem…meatspace. Spoiler Alert: No one murdered us. Yet.

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