135-Ian And Dave Take You On An Audio Tour Of The 2018 Denver Auto Show

Episode 135-You’re gonna want to pack some juice.

Dear listener, we’d like to extend an invitation to you. As if it wasn’t enough of a chore for you to honor our weekly invitations into the blanket fort, we’d like to extend you an invite with a bit of spin this week.

See, we somehow manage to continue to be legitimate automotive journalists, therefore we get to cover the press day at the 2018 Denver Auto Show. Between attending manufacturer presentations and producing piping hot video content (really just Dave yelling about bikes on top of cars) we produced this episode for you, our dear listener.

We humbly present to you the not-very-in-any-way-shape-or-form Official Denver Auto Show Audio Tour Guide. As you attend our humble regional auto show, either in person or spirit, pop in an earbud and walk with us as we take you through what it’s like to be at a very low rung on the journalistic ladder. Thanks for listening, we love you.

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