139-Ian Is Bad At Fantasy Sports, Dave Kicks Ian While He’s Down, And We Discuss A Phaeton. Again.

Episode 139-He’s bad.

We’d like to credit our friend and listener, Eric, that correctly summarized the rare occurrence of Dave actually doing something other than nothing when it came to fantasy sports. Something something clock broken something twice something. Something like that. Something indeed. They say you can’t win them all, but would it be equally true to say that you can’t lose them all? No. That’s not correct at all. You can definitely, for sure, absolutely, without a doubt lose them all.

Speaking of losing it, Ian’s ankle injury seems to have migrated upstairs to his gray matter. Not his hair, the other gray matter, nope that would be his cardigian, dangit, we’re talking about his brain here people. His big ol’ wacky brain. Dave does a bit of diagnosis and comes to a rapid conclusion that Ian is how you say‚Ķ”cray cray”.

Craziness, karting, cardigans (as in apparel, not the Swedish pop bands from the 90’s, but they’re cool), and more, all on this week’s episode.

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