145 – Ian Sees A Strange Car, Dave Sees A Weird Car, And It, Well…Dave, Puts The Lotion On the Seats Unless It Gets The Hose Again.

Episode 145-Zoom and enhance and regret instantly

At first glance, a brown, angular, petite car careening down the highway seems a bit odd. Dave, arguably the Lotus Europa Special of this show, comes to the realization that what is weird at a distance compounds oddly upon closer inspection. When we look into the brown body panels of an old Lotus, the old Lotus looks back at us.

Now then, Ian gets a treat, something we rabid car enthusiasts don’t get very often. He gets the gift of finding out about a new car he’s never heard of by stumbling on one randomly, getting a glimpse of its captivating lines, and THUS THE GOOGLING AND PICTURE TAKING BEGINS! Game on old chap for said game is afoot!

Hm…What else…Not much, besides Dave rubbing oils and lotions into his old man. Sedan. Rubbing his old man sedan. That’s not getting any better, shut it down!

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