146-Dave Teaches Donk School, Ian Is Impossible, And We Have A New Nemesis

Episode 146-KRYPTO

We have a hotline and we encourage you to call or text whenever you see something. This week, something is a broken down Peugeot (is there any other kind in the US?) and a new X6 to hate even more than regular X6s, which is already breaking the needle off of the hate gauge.

Speaking of seeing things, Dave’s MOTHER came to visit, and while driving through Denver, they happened across a donk. Seizing the opportunity, Dave imparted his donk wisdom upon MOTHER, in addition to discussing the unfair criticism and veiled hate that such a lovely form of automotive expression brings.

Speaking of the donk, MOTHER was along for a ride in the Viggen at the time, and in addition to being a bit frightened, she was thoroughly entertained. Dave also discusses his thoughts around the big blue meanie, and reveals some fear of his own.

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