148-Dave Apologizes, Ian Is Back On Top, And Did We Mention That We’re Sorry?

Episode 148-Don’t do as we say. Or do.

It is never too late or too early to apologize. If there was ever one word that could sum up the show, “sorry” may not be it, but it’s in the top, I’m going to say, three. Look, we’re the last folks that you should look to as role models. Don’t be envious of Dave’s instant ability to get sunburned when he’s around any lightbulb brighter than a candle, as well as you shouldn’t be jealous of all of the constant manscaping that Ian gets to do.

Blisters and body hair aside, there are a few things that we have to offer the automotive enthusiast landscape, namely perspective and the removal of pre-existing biases. In this episode we discuss vanilla-boxing cars to see what their base whitelabel appeal would be.

Lastly, take peace in knowing that everything is right in the world once again, well, not really, not in any way shape or form. But the little bit of entropy that fell into line was Ian resuming his rightful position above Dave in the Fantasy Effington Oneries.

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