151-Ian Is Still Not Good At Fantasy F1, Dave Rests On His Smug Laurels, And We Look And Listen To The Stuff You Monsters Sent Us

Episode 151-The taste of victory

Ah the refreshing flavor of victory. Dave doesn’t get to taste it often, or seemingly care to, but when he gets his pasty ginger lips on the sweet chalice of triumph, he certainly doesn’t hesitate to gloat about it.

While Dave’s victory is technically not impressive, or impressive at all, we are truly impressed by a VW Jetta. Numbers don’t lie, and when we ran the math on how much this car travels, the magnitude of what we were truly witnessing came into focus. Thank you Chris, please NEVER STOP SENDING US PICTURES.

Lastly, we round out the episode by looking and listening to the things you sent us! Please never stop sending us things!

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