152-Dave Fails, Ian Wins, And We Could Be Royals!

Episode 152-Royals!

Humility. Denial. When it comes to Ian’s karting abilities, our resident racer (the better and less-sunburned of the two at least) seems to be in a Schrodinger-esque superstate composed of the two where he is both humble and in a state of denial about his talent. Well guess who comes crashing through the cat box to boldly declare that Ian is a good driver? Dave. Dave does that. We all know he does that. He does. He did.

While Ian may not like discussing his victories, Dave certainly likes discussing his failures, and in this week’s show the tales of Viggen ownership start to stack up.

Oh, and guess what? We land on the absolute best analogy for our cars. Water-filled heads and all. 14 times!!!

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