153-Ian Is Actually Proud Of Something He Did For Once, Dave Talks About His Lobes For A Day, And One Of Our Friends Sees A Dockers Of Slingshots

Episode One Five Three

We’re still puzzled as to why someone would put a put a 3.7L badge on a Ford Mustang. What we’re not puzzled about is what WRX drivers adorn their cars with, especially when it’s such an OBVIOUS CLICHÉ that you’re walking into! We’re not mad, we’re really not. Ultimately, we’re just disappointed. It’s almost like the person is being given a test, and the results determine whether or not we’d ever be friends with that person.

You know what Dave’s not disappointed by? Ian. He’s not! He’s proud! Specifically, he’s proud of his ideas about how someone looks at cars when they bolt on junk you find at Pep Boys. Any time someone looks at their car with the perspective of it being something more than an appliance to get from point A to B, then we love it, and it is our duty to encourage it!

Andrew, one of our listeners, rightly called the TCC Crisis Line when he happens across a cluster of Polaris vehicles, which leads us to coining a term for a group of them: A Dockers of Slingshots. A pair of pleated Dad pants, a Ryobi power drill, and a folding chair that gets turned around so that one can “rap” with the kids all combined into the primordial ooze that birthed that vehicle.

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