160-Dave Gets Faster, Ian And His Saab Have A Very Interesting Relationship, And We Find Someone That Has It All Figured Out.

Episode 160

Booty N Pizza. What more can be said? What more could be desired out of life? Never have eleven letters said so much. Our admiration dials get turned to 11 on this show; normally a Mustang owner wouldn’t cause so much envy…but…Booty N Pizza.

Speaking of things that make us happy, Dave detected that Ian may have needed a mental break, and stepped in with three impromptu karting heats to get the bad vibes out. We had some fun, Dave inserted himself into an already goofy situation, and we chopped through some pedestrian traffic like it was standing still.

It all comes down to this folks, sometimes life throws a pylon in your way. Said pylon may or may not be moving. Sometimes there’s twenty of them and somehow one of them ended up being the president of the United States. You’re not always going to have life’s track marshal throw a blue flag, so sometimes you’ve got to get up, get around, and put that youknowwhat behind you. Godspeed fellow kart drivers.

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