161-Ian Sees Gary Numan, Dave Has Insomnia, And We Duck And Cover Because Blade Is About To Show Up

Episode 161-What’s that coming down from the sprinklers?

The stuff that keeps you up at night. The source of the heartburn. No, we’re not talking about that certainly-too-old baked ziti that you panic ate out of the fridge at 3 AM, we’re talking about the world we live in. The stew. Picture the world as the stew and our goofy show and automotive enthusiasm as a whole as the breadstick.

Sometimes you need to just want to jump out of the stew and take respite on the breadstick for a minute. Ride that butter patty and take a break. Unfortunately, a little bit of Cheeto dust shows up there too, and it’s everyone’s job to flick it off.

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