162-Dave Stops Being Nice, Ian Defends His Position, And We Adopt Different Personas

Episode 162-Blue shell.

Questions. We has them. Can karting be had without thinking of Mario-esque power-ups? Can Subarus be had without ambient lingering vape? Can a rental Home Depot van be driven without overalls appearing on your body? Which came first, the dent or the depleted health meter? Is it better to hear Buffet or inflict Buffet upon passers-by?

Answers. We may has some. Usually, no. Usually, no. Eh, you’re at least wearing them in your mind. Probably the dent. Inflicting, hands down. Maybe this will all make sense, maybe it won’t, but by now you should know what you’re getting into and what you’re going to get out of our goofy show.


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