164-TeamClearCoat Grieves The Loss Of A True Icon, Well At Least The Loss Of One Of Said Icon’s Specific Jobs. They’re Totally Fine.

Episode 164-Really, he’s fine. But we’re not.

Grief has several stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. Here at the TeamClearCoat podcast, we’ve pretty much perfected going though all of those, save for acceptance, so much so that it’s pretty routine at this point. Dusty Rusty, Ian’s oil pan(s), our general hopes and dreams, and so much more have been topics in our blankety grief hut. But this one, this one got us right in the feels.

In this episode of the TeamClearCoat podcast, we mourn the loss of one of our favorite, albeit short, segments: Chrispatches.

Listeners, don’t think about the Chrispatches we’ve yet to receive, think about the ones we have had. Remember all of the things you’ve seen in the passenger seat of stranger’s cars as Chris stared into the lens of his phone’s camera. Carry them with you, each and every one. Except the raw meat. You should absolutely throw that out.

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