170-We Manage To Only Partly Screw Up An Interview With Michael Ballaban – Deputy Editor At Jalopnik And Yugo Owner

Episode 170-You go Yugo, You go.

This week we’re incredibly lucky to have Michael Ballaban, Deputy Editor at Jalopnik, on the show. This came about by way of an election night whiskey-tipsy Ian sliding into his DMs on Twitter, knowing full well that when it comes to cars, car culture, and politics in cars, that Michael’s a fantastic fit for the show.

We had a wonderful discussion with Michael, ranging from check engine lights, Lexus wagons, Yugo ownership, sending said Yugo through safety inspections, and all kinds of other great stuff.

Apologies in advance for the brief technical interruption, but above all else, THANK YOU MICHAEL. We had a fantastic time talking with you, thank you so much for coming on our show. You’re welcome back anytime.

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