172-Ian’s Saab TurboX Is Killing Him, Dave Discusses Balancing Risk Versus Thrift, And We’re The Worst Crime Fighting Duo

Episode 172-Ian’s Batman. And not the good one.

The Saab TurboX. We could honestly have an hour long weekly show that just talked about the woes of owning a TurboX. No one would listen to it, but the lukewarm content is there to be readily mined. When you basically own the physical manifestation of the absolute reason that an entire car brand is extinct, such content simply produces itself.

After discussing some of the more minor woes, Ian lets fly the metaphorical bomb that could really send him to the poor house, the Saab’s engine may need to be removed. To fix an o-ring. An o-ring. A tenth of a cent of rubber on the wrong side of the oil pan. Infinite oooooof.

So we know Ian is poor; as Saab ownership firmly ensures. But! Our intrepid whiskey enthusiast has an idea for a new business venture to bring us back from the financial event horizon. Two words: Parts Tourism. We put you in the place where you can get your parts. And perhaps a hot soft pretzel

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