18-We Push the Boundries of the Definition of the Words “Best Of”

Episode 18 – Best Of Episodes 1-10

Clip show!!! We’ve selected some of our favorite (and probably least educational or informative) bits from our first 10 episodes, wrapped them up in oily shop rags and put them under our dried-out Christmas tree, all for you, our listeners! Hm…now that we think about it, oily rags, dried out Christmas tree, blanket fort…maybe we should get the fire extinguisher…

We have tons of fun recording and producing this podcast and we’re thankful for everyone out there listening. We’re grateful for the awesome people that we’ve met along the way, whether we met you in person or online. Thanks for helping us have a great start to the podcast in 2015, and we’re excited to see how TeamClearCoat grows and evolves in 2016. We appreciate everyone riding with us along the way.

Thank you, sorry.

Hey! Did you know you can view the full episode description for links! Yeah! Click on stuff!

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