198-The Carstanza That Broke Dave, And Reality

Episode 198-Worse than Freddy.

Humble listeners, we want to give you a warning. Once you’ve seen the horrors that Dave presents in this episode, you will never be able to unsee them. They shall haunt your every waking moment, and intrude your dreams, WHICH IS A REAL THING THAT HAPPENED. Yep. Dave saw a carstanza so bad that he actually had a dream about it the following night.

So yeah. A carstanza exists that is so bad that it crossed planes of reality, weaving it’s hideous nose into the fiber of multiple dimensions. Yeah. There isn’t a whole lot more to say about that other than this is your last warning.

To pull Dave out of his tailspin, Ian regales Dave with the absolute delight that is taking Nico karting for his first time, and the associated trash talk that came with it. There may be some bad fake BMW/Kia noses out there people, but remember that there is some good. Somewhere a 5-year-old wore a helmet bigger than their entire body and ran their first laps on a go kart track. Humanity may almost have a chance.

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