202-Dave Goes Karting, Ian Predicts His Future Car, And We Have Juice In Our Shorts

Episode 202-Gross

Ah, children. Their sweet innocent perspectives allow us some moments of levity, mainly because we’re way too familiar with the crushing heft of reality kicking us in our downparts on a daily basis. When your kid tells you what it’s like to experience a soggy bottom, aka swass, for the first time, you get transported for a moment to their world, a world that doesn’t contain all of the BS we deal with on a daily basis, and a much-needed giggle is the result.

In the juice shorts-resulting FMKCars, Ian schools Dave on some Saab knowledge and our adoration for Saab grows once again. It’s more of a disease at this point, less of a problem. WE CAN’T QUIT YOU SAAB.

Come for the shorts juice, stay for Dave and Peedah’s karting experience, some talk of car paint, and more. We love you!

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