21-Listener FMKCars Special – FMKCars Marathon As We Slowly Lose Our Minds

Episode 21-Listener FMKCars Special

How many FMKCars are too many FMKCars? The answer is infinity, because we can never have enough. That said, Ian and Dave might get a bit wacky as time goes on, but that’s nothing new for the blanket fort.

This is our all-listener-submitted FMKCars special where we read the FMKCars that you, our listeners sent in! Thanks everyone that sent in FMKCars, James, Jonas, Jared (does everyone that listens to this podcast have a name that starts with J?), Marc (there goes the J theory, unless your real name is Jmarc with a silent J, Marc), Melisa, Lex, and Ian’s Dad.

Thank you so much everyone, we love doing this podcast and we can’t thank our listeners enough!

Hey! Did you know you can view the full episode description for links! Yeah! Click on stuff!

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