32-Ian Loves Compliments, Dave Hates Car Cakes and Corollas

Episode 32-This week’s description comes courtesy of the hypothetical therapist we talk with every week:

"I’m so proud of all the breakthroughs we’ve had this session, TeamClearCoat!

I mean, we finally figured out that FCA is, in fact, the most hapless multinational corporation of all time, that the last Saab 9-5 is still a very good looking car, and that the two of you are basically Forrest Gump and Lt. Dan.

We do still have some work to do in the next few sessions: Dave, you use too many hashtags #IRL, and Ian, put your silly putty chest back in your shirt. I know I said you should get it looked at because it’s gross, but for the last time, I am not that kind of doctor."

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