44-We Survive Racing The 24 Hours Of LeMons BFE GP, And We Didn’t Finish Last Place, Or First, But You Probably Guessed That Second One Already

Episode 44 – In which we make it home alive and not too badly sunburnt

In all things, there’s always something you have to manage. In this episode dedicated to TeamClearCoat’s 24 Hours of LeMons weekend, you’re going to have to manage Dave rubbing his nipples, pink paint over everything, and Ian talking about himself for entirely too long.

It might be that we’re just too much to manage, though. As you’ll find out, our mere presence foretells calamity for race cars and major media outlets alike.

Make sure you check out Ian’s AWESOME THREE PART blog post on Opposite Lock, including some great pics from the race.

Hey! Did you know you can view the full episode description for links! Yeah! Click on stuff!

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