53-Ian’s School Of Improv, Dave Wants A New-ish Car, And We Have Sausages In Our FMKCars

Episode 53 – Gretchen, stop trying to make VR5 happen. It’s not going to happen. Oh, wait it did. It did.

The long-running best practice for improv comedy is a technique known as ‘Yes, And…’. We seem to have found our own road with Ian’s school of thought, known the world over as ‘Identify and Diminish’.

In this episode, Ian identifies an amazing facet to the existence of the Nissan Murano Cross Cabrolet, Dave identifies that he needs a new-ish car while Ian identifies the flaws in Dave’s taffy-addled, diminished logic.

Once again music plays a role in our discussion and a round of FMKCars, so go give Frank Ocean’s new LP a listen, and check out Ian’s angular guitar recommendations.

The icing on the cake is an excellent listener-submitted FMKCars, where we learn about an engine that we didn’t even know was a thing, along with figuring out a new way to warm tiny sausages.

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