54a-Behind The Blanket Fort-The TeamClearCoat Podcast Aftershow-Episode 1

Episode 1-Oh god I’m so sorry for all of the chewing noises. We didn’t mean to make an ASMR podcast.

It’s dark in here.

Because we’ve put our heads up our own….blanket forts. If we ever have a constant b-story to the podcast, it’s that we keep trying new things.

Our latest venture is that of an aftershow. That’s trendy, right? People are doing those, right? We’re relevant to the cultural landscape, right? Oh god…

Anyway, what is this? Well, it’s an aftershow. A lot of times we like to keep the conversation going on certain topics after the recorder gets switched off. Yep, you’re getting cutting room floor scraps that we’re packaging and calling a show(-ish)! Basically it’s a long-winded excuse for us to make chewing noises directly into the microphones, talk about music that we liked and didn’t like, and anything else that comes to our now calorie fueled and somewhat sleepy minds.

Hey! Did you know you can view the full episode description for links! Yeah! Click on stuff!

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