68-Allroad Milk Silence, A Delicate Essence Of Something, And 700 Words For Pothole

Episode 68-Yeah, this is a good one.

You guys, we don’t want to toot our own horn or anything, but the pithy one-liners out of the blanket fort are pretty spectacular this week.

The highlight is Dave’s distillation of a Toyota hybrid badge on a Honda Fit (it’s just too brilliant for the iTunes profanity filter). But there are other gems like "Michiganders have 700 words for ‘pothole,’" "It made the worst thunk," and something about an "Allroad milk silence."

We also discuss how Dave ruins things with his pretty mouth, extend an olive branch to the people who don’t want to be listening to us, and mention Harambe for some reason. Did we mention we recorded this very late at night?

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