73-Dave Learns About His Loins, Ian Exposes His Linkage, And We Need Badges…Or Crossbows

Episode 73-We neeeeeeeeed them.

Not sure if we’ve ever mentioned it before, but both of us are IT guys. I know – it’s a shock! But for us, the worst case scenario is a live demo that fails. So of course we had to talk about the Faraday Future launch at CES.

We also discussed several other worst-case scenarios, like when you don’t do a walk-around of your rental car, when you witness an accident waiting to happen, or when you get the chance of a lifetime and can’t take advantage.

But it’s alright, because we can still obsess over beat-up Subaru Brats, Dave FINALLY doing a burnout, or just playing with your child’s Hot Wheels.

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