94-Dave Has A New Parking Lot Nemesis, Ian Wants To Yell At The Youths, And We Find A Happy Place

Episode 94-Blanket Fort dress code? Donald Duck.

In daily life, you experience varying levels of comfort in inter-personal interactions, and we run the gamut this week.

On the nice end of the spectrum, Dave finds the most innocent oasis of kindness in the roiling tempest of terribleness that is the modern Internet, Ian takes his toddler to Cars and Coffee for the first time, and we discuss the amazing comfort of Donald Ducking.

On the other hand, sometimes we’re not so comfortable with our fellow humans. Like when you feel compelled to be an old man and educated a youth, or when you come across the ACTUALLY guy, or when you read racist hot takes about the Indy 500.

Good luck out there, people: you need it.

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