Know Your Automotive Phenomenon: Carstanza

It's the new car by Vandelay Industries!
Car picture via VWVortex, Costanza picture via Wikipedia

From time to time on our show, we document things we observe as car enthusiasts. Often they’re things to which normal humans wouldn’t give a second thought, but torment us for some reason. “Carstanza” is my favorite example. When a car owner badges their car up (think Type R badges on a Civic DX), they’re committing themselves to a lie in much the same way that George Costanza might have on Seinfeld. Hence, “Carstanza.” All of us have seen this sort of nonsense on the road before, but as far as we know, we’ve never had a shorthand for talking about it. That all changed when I saw a BMW 328i with M badges all over it, and “Carstanza” was born (clip starts at 20:14):

It’s not all fun and games, though. It all can lead to madness, as evidenced by Dave seeing the most puzzling VW Passat and Mercedes S-Class examples (clip starts at 40:38):