The TeamClearCoat Podcast – Episode 127 – Wait….VW Actually Saved Those Monkeys???

Full title:
127-Ian Hits Things With A Hammer, Dave Almost Gets Kicked Out Of A Lexus, And We Change Our Metaphorical Socks.

Sometimes life requires a delicate touch. Unfortunately, this is not one of those moments, so we have to buck up and put our soft IT hands through their paces. It’s not all manual labor, bruised knuckles, and sweaty brows, thankfully.

There are some fresh feelings: pulling on a new pair of socks, the catharsis of beating up plaster on a fireplace, or letting a pregnant woman get away with hitting your car with hers.

All of that aside, the big news is that Dieselgate managed to impact not just the entire earth, but at one point they specifically honed in on innocent cartoon-watching primates.


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