128-Dave Teases Ian, Ian Doles Out Facts, And We Soak In Our Poor Timing

Episode 128-Cliffhanger!!!

Look, we have a bit of an inverse Midas touch. We worked hard to line up an interview with one of the best voices in automotive journalism, Alanis King. The very next day with our interview stored safely away, F1 announced that they were no longer going to use Grid Girls. Sigh. It would have been nice to reverse the order of those events, but let’s not get hung up on things we can’t change.

Focusing on the things that we can change, Ian sprung into action like a ski jumper duct-taped to a social justice warrior. For some idiotic reason, the Grid Girl issue seemed to be the breaking point for morons on the internet motivating them to start complaining; rationalizing their arguments for how ultimately they think they’re entitled to objectify women in any venue that they enjoy.

Folks, we have a lot of reasons to enjoy being automotive enthusiasts, it’s a great hobby. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unsavory elements of that culture that make it inaccessible and unapproachable to people outside of it, in addition to making it super difficult for people in that culture that aren’t misogynist xenophobes. Let’s freaking fix this. Our community has disappointed us with its reaction to the F1 announcement, so let’s keep the focus on moving the culture forward in a positive direction. Car culture is changing, culture is changing, and we have an opportunity to be an example. Let’s not make decisions that we wish we could reverse later on.

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